Friends of Wythenshawe Hall

FOWH are a group of like minded people who have a passion for Wythenshawe Hall and park. We come from all walks of life, in fact one of our members, Richard Jackson, the current Chair of the committee, is a direct descendant of the Tatton family! Together we have one aim and that is to ensure that Wythenshawe Hall is open and accessible to all the local community as often as possible. We happily give as much of our time as we can to volunteering at the hall. This can include helping to organise events, making costumes and getting involved in many different ways of raising money for the hall. From our first meeting last September, we have worked with the council to open the doors nearly every month, providing cultural and educational fun activities for all age groups. 

 We are always looking for extra hands to join our happy band. If you are interested in the hall and would like to help out in any way, please contact us via our social media Facebook or Twitter.