Events at Wythenshawe Hall

 Manchester Histories Month

March 2014 to celebrate Manchester Histories month, the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall delivered their first official guided tours of the Hall. A special presentation on the history of the Hall was given followed by a room by room tour, complete with the Lord and Lady of the manor. A splendid display in the withdrawing room caught the attention of passing guests and the Friends were on hand to answer any questions. With the help of our talented seamstress, Tudor costumes were worn by all the Friends. Visitors were encouraged to record their memories in the Wythenshawe Hall Memory Book, which will be on display soon.


270 Visitors to the Hall 

Comments about the day’s visit:

“Love the history and the detailed discussions, the costumes add an extra touch. Really enjoyed it."

“It was good to see the inside and enjoyable to see people still wanting to keep the house going.”

“It Very intestedting and enjoyaboe. Thank you. Infornative and interesting. Looking forward to seeing the refurbishments. Good Luck!"

"The way the lady puts it over to us and includes the people. The children enjoyed it very much. It brings the past back and how we enjoyed these games when we were young.”


Period Photography  @ Wythenshawe Hall


Period costumes:

Celebrate a special event, a birthday or anniversary by having a photograph taken in or around the Hall, whilst dressed in period costume. To book a photoshoot or for more details contact or telephone 0161 713 3216 

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