Events at Wythenshawe Hall

 May Day at Wythenshawe Hall 2014

May 2014 436 visitors to the Hall joined in the May Day celebrations with the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall. In the library children created handmade flowers to decorate the Jack 'O Green. At 1:30 and 3pm, guests gathered outside the Hall to hear about the history of Jack 'O Green, gaining an insight into tradition of "waking up the garden"  for summer back in Tudor times. Two of our young Friends of the Hall dressed in traditional costume, placed the flower decorations around jack, to complete his costume made form twigs, fresh leaves and fern.


Comments about the day’s visit:

“This place is wonderful really love all the interesting things you can see, also you can learn a lot - wonderful!!!.”

“Wythenshawe Hall is amazing. I would love to live in in! It must have taken a lot of effort to get it how it is. Thanks a lot! I will remember this day it was awesome." Amelia Robinson Aged 12


Meanwhile inside the Hall


Real Foods laid on a traditional Tudor Feast. Steamed trout, rabbit stew, bulgar wheat to name a few were displayed alongside fresh herbs and spices. The aromas were delightful! A the table were baskets which the most expensive item was back in Tudor time. Pineapple? Avocado? Rhubarb? Leak? To our surprise rhubarb! The Real Foods Team received lots of questions from visitors about the feast and as an extra treat everyone had the opportunity to make and decorate traditional Marzipan Fancies to take home.


In the Withdrawing Room, Liz and Joan were busy collecting fond memories of the Hall to add to our special Memory book.

Special Memory Book As guests passing by admired the period costumes on display Joan & Liz received great praise for their hard work and dedication. To sum the open day up, it was a great day, the whole community joined together in learning and sharing the traditions of yesteryear.                                       


Comments about the day’s visit:

“I remember coming to the park/house in the 80s when I was small. Great Memories. Still live close by and still come often. Will be bringing my baby son when he's older." G.Fox

Let's hope our next open day is as much fun!

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