Wythenshawe Hall Fire

March 2016

We are sorry to inform everyone that the much loved Wythenshawe Hall was damaged due to a fire in the early hours of  Tuesday 15th March. Fortunately the Fire Service did an amazing job to save the building from complete destruction and we would like to thank them for their valiant efforts in limiting the damage.

We will not be defeated by this setback and we will continue to work closely in partnership with Manchester City Council on future plans to repair and restore the hall to its former glory so that we can once again reopen it to the public.

This is a much-loved iconic building in Wythenshawe and as we expected the public response has been overwhelming. The Friends Group would like to thank everyone for their messages of support during this very emotional time.

Although we are devastated by these events the good news is that the building is still standing. It will not deter the group from putting on our planned future activities, albeit that these won't be in the hall itself but in the grounds. We will provide all updates on our events on our website.

There are many well-wishers from near and far who want to donate money. The Friends of  Wythenshawe Hall would greatly appreciate any donation to help us continue as a group and to keep open days happening right through the year.

What is most important of all, is to help restore our beautiful hall and reopen this iconic Wythenshawe building for all to see.

Thank you

The Friends of Wythenshawe Hall

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